At the Moldovan-Turkish Business Law Center we take a creative and individual approach to each issue, which means that our lawyers work closely with each other so that our clients always receive the expertise to the full that is our offices which are located in different states. The lawyers of the Center do not operate only in narrow areas or branches of law. Instead, they specialize in improving and developing the skills needed to serve our diverse clients. Some of our business areas are listed below.

Given that the Moldovan-Turkish Business Legal Center is not a “litigation boutique” nor do we strictly limit to transactions in our practice, we are capable as well as large legal firms to advise and represent our clients both in terms of litigation, as well as the other implications of legal issues. Indeed, our team is ready to meet the need for each issue we solve, whether it is a litigation of an advanced degree or obtaining a permissive document from a state institution (license or authorization).